Karate Classes in Bloemfontein

At BMAA we offer karate classes four times a week. Our classes are for the young and the old. Ages from 5 and up are welcome. Training in done in a disciplined but fun atmosphere.

Our Class Times:

Tuesdays and Thursdays: Junior Belts (Beginners to Orange Belt)
Mondays and Wednesdays: Senior Belts (Intermediate to Advanced)

Monthly Fees:

R320 per month per person
R300 per month if more than one child/person joins.

The monthly fees include traditional and sports karate training. Feel free to contact us for more information about our classes and how they are planned.


Our dojo is fully equipped with full floor tatami’s, punching bags, mirrors and karate equipment.

Not sure what to bring along for the first time? Simply come in COMFORTABLE workout clothes (not jeans, dresses or skirts) and bring a bottle of water! No shoes are worn on the mats, but socks are allowed. Remember, always be RESPECTFUL. We look forward to seeing you there!

Karate can be divided into two main groups: Traditional Karate and Sport Karate.

Traditional Karate

Traditional karate teaches you the basic punches, strikes, kicks and blocks that evolved from Okinawa, Japan. It also teaches you the basic kata`s and traditions of your style of karate.

A Karateka is tested twice a year to see their progress in learning. If a karateka passes the necessary curriculum, he or she moves up in the karate ranks. It is shown by the colour belt they wear.

At Bloemfontein Martial Arts Academy, we take the age of the karateka into consideration when grading. We therefore have junior belts implemented to pace younger karatekas until they are ready for their senior black belt grading when they turn 18.

Sports Karate

It is still necessary to practice traditional karate.
Sport Karate concentrates more on competitions. In competitions you have two divisions, kata and kumite. A karateka competes in his or her age and belt division.

Kata: Trained movements – shadow fighting
Kumite: Controlled Fighting

For Kumite, some protective gear is compulsory. We provide the basic gear such as mitts and footies. You can purchase any WKF approved gear through our dojo.

We know you’ll love our classes. But, we also know it’s tough to make a commitment to something new.
That's why we offer a free karate class to try us out.