Self Defense Workshops

“It will never happen to me.”

In this terrifying times we live in it is necessary that you can defend yourself.  Bloemfontein Martial Arts Academy can help you. We host self-defense workshops in basic self defense. We teach you what to do if an attacker put you in a position that it is necessary to get violent. With training you will get more confident in the one simple rule of self defense, STAY CALM.

With the incorporation of Kyusho Aiki Jutsu (pressure points), Systema (Russian Martial Arts) and Shitō-ryū Karate you will be able to defend yourself if you are attacked.

The self-defense programs cover a wide variety of situations from being grabbed by an attacker to being held at gunpoint.

The self-defense workshops are for women and men from 14 years to 80 years.

Feel free to check the Events calendar for the next upcoming self defense workshop, or get in touch with us with the details on the website. Check out our Facebook page for the latest events and information.

"There's only one basic principle of self-defense: you must apply the most effective weapon, as soon as possible, to the most vulnerable target.” - Bruce Lee

Our Dojo

Our main dojo is fully equipped with full floor tatami’s, punching bags, mirrors and karate equipment. The smaller dojo is for our Ninja Classes (normal karate classes for the ages of 4 – 6 years), conditioning classes (16 +) and private karate lessons.